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Crashed PC, laptop or Mac

Rapid recovery of crashed systems. Most crashes due to software faults which can normally be repaired quickly on-site.

PC, Laptop repairs

PC, Laptop upgrades

We provide advice on and help with install or configuration of new hardware. We supply and install competitively priced upgrade computer components, or install parts bought elsewhere. Technology changes Although computer technology advances at a rapid pace, a replacement PC may not always the best option. We give expert advice on the install or upgrade options available.Home media centre, entertainment centre, windows media centre For technical advice contact us with details of your current system and the problem. We can advise you or come to your home to discuss computer upgrade, install or repair options.

Home Networking

Network any number of computers so they all use your internet connection or just sharing music, photos, movies or other files. We use our experience in design, installation and configuration of networks to advise on and implement a system specifically to your needs.

Complete system install

Need to upgrade the whole system - buy a complete package off the shelf or to your design.

Home | Services